Don’t even Think about calling me Chrissy

Isn’t it funny how names define us. We basically become wrapped up in a name that our mothers gave us on a whim. My mother chose to name me Christine Elisabeth. If I had been born a boy I would have been Christopher (not sure about middle name) and there was not going to be any shortening of that name or affectionate nickname to coincide with it. Of course like all young girls I went through a phase where I hated my name. I really wanted to have been named Cherie (with the french pronunciation) it sounded exotic and mysterious to my young ears.

In reality though Christine is a name that really suits me well. It is a strong intelligent name that means “follower of Christ”, and I have learned to love it and embrace it with all of it’s “Christine-ness”. I could never (shudder) tolerate a nickname.

For Example, I could never be a Chrissy or Christie although nicknames have been attempted…and probably because I tend to have a bubbly personality they could have potentially stuck. I was having none of that. The only time in life I allowed myself a nickname was high school and that was really just because all nine letters in my name did not fit on my cheer uniform or megaphone… for a bit there I was Cris (it puts in my head a cubicle junkie finding a health insurance lead). It was a strong derivative still with an intelligent air and I tolerated it although very few people actually called me by that nickname. In fact the only time I remember it even coming up is when I dated a guy in high school briefly named Chris, and then of course linking the two names was sort of a joke.

As far as shortening my name there is one that just drives me insane. The name Chrissy bugs me in particular for two reasons and I do want to say I am sorry to any Chrissy’s out there who might get offended reading this post..

It reminds me of Suzanne Somers of “Three’s Company” which I watched growing up. The idea of being that dumb went against everything I was raised to be. I did not want to be cast in that light. Although the name suited her character perfectly
My Grandpa who had a bad habit of putting down everyone (but in a jovial manner so that he can call it a joke when you call him on it). He thought the nickname was perfect to match my boy crazy social life. To me he might as well be calling me a tramp every time he tried to get the nickname to stick. I finally put my foot down and refused to talk to him unless he called me by Christine

It is amazing to me how we grow and shape a name to become an integral part of who we are. I now can’t imagine myself being anything but a Christine. Am I the only one with identifies so strongly when it comes to names? Do you feel that your name suits you?