Dot Com Frustration

If you have had trouble trying to find this blog in the last 24 hours….sorry! I have purchased the domain name for my blog, and wanted to be able to formally announce my transition to being (drumroll please) a dot com! It sounds fabulous doesn’t it? I am no longer a dependant child, I was graduating to big girl panties with my very own site.

Alas (hand on forehead for dramatic effect), it has not been an easy transition. I can’t seem to get the dang thing to work correctly. If I have to talk to tech support one more time I am going to have to find out the guy’s birthday just to send him a card. Me and Tech support have grown tight! Now if it would only work…. Anyway look soon at the url and you might notice all of a sudden that it is officially I have the margaritas ready to celebrate…but right now I’ll just drink a beer and drown my sorrows.