Dragon Naturally Speaking

I wish I was a faster typist. Unfortunately, it is not something that comes naturally to me. I still watch the keyboard as I type, and pick out letters one at a time. It is quite shameful I tell you. The really cool thing is that I have actually found the perfect solution for me with a program called Dragon Naturally Speaking. This program lets slow typists like me get words out quickly through an amazing transcription program. Watch for yourself to see how it works.

To show how much faster it is than your typing speed, See for yourself by taking Dragon’s typing speed test!. I am embarrassed to say I was a measly 41 words per minute. Using this transcription program could completely transform my embarrassing typing speed and increase it through transcription to 150 words per minute. To all my Mac friends it also comes in the Mac Speech Dictate, so you are not left out.

I found another video on the website that shows that it can even hear you clearly through outside distractions…in this case, wind. Hear it for yourself. I wonder if it could also be heard through my screaming girls? That is a chance I am willing to take because I abhor typing just that much.