Dumpster Diving at Retama

Last night John Mark, Regan and I headed to San Antonio to go watch the horses race at Retama Park. We love going to the horse races, and at one point we were even co-owners of a horse ourselves. It is a really fun family activity and a great way for us to meet up with some of our SA friends.

My brother David, and good friends Mark and Teresa along with “new to me friends” all had a fun evening at the races. Since Regan had gotten an “A” on her history test, I allowed her to pick a horse in a race. She looked at the book and immediately went for the most “french” sounding name. Did I mention she has an obsession with all things France?

Amount Regan won….Zero

My brother David and I studied the racebook, looked at the jockeys, and made specific decision based on statistics and past performance.

Amount I won…..Zero

Our friend Mark “has a guy” who is really good at that stuff and came prepared with numbers to bet in every race. John Mark just did what Mark did so…..

Amount they won….tons!

Of course there was the race where there was a question before they could call it official. John Mark and Mark where on pins and needles to see if there was a winner or not. They did win, but it was on tickets they had already thrown in the trash.

Mark went in for the classic Dumpster Dive.

Of course I had to get a pic of Mark doing the dumpster dive, but can’t say to much because he won…and I did not, but it reminded us how much fun the track is and it is definitely an evening we want to do again