Football Season and the Family Television

“Guess what today is?” John Mark announced yesterday as he came bouncing in. I know it is odd to have a husband that bounces, but honestly if you knew him and all of his boundless energy it would come as no surprise. “It’s College Game Day!”…he did not even wait for a response from any of us just continues his dancing around in his own world. He dreams of the day of a wall of LCD tvs to enjoy games from every channel in one spot.

The girls and I just watched him for a moment, and then proceeded to go back to our own projects. It is hard to get excited about something you really don’t care that much about. It isn’t that I don’t enjoy football. I just like it as a real life spectator sport. I like the energy of being around a crowd of people who are cheering for their team. I love the social aspect of chatting with friends. I like to watch the sport in real action…and of course I love the cheerleaders because it is familiar and what I used to do.

Watching on TV, I could pretty much do without. I don’t mind the Dallas Cowboys because I am interested in how they do, and of course they have the best cheerleaders (Have you seen their show). My girls pretty much feel the same way. Regan would rather be watching anything but sports and Rebecca would rather be doing something other than mindlessly watching television.

Rebecca was the first to break it to her dad that the we had plans for the living room TV. We were doing a Wii challenge since we have a game system on loan to us for the moment. We also had plans to watch Mama Mia later on TIVO.

John Mark looked flabbergasted. Why would we want to play games and watch a musical over football? His shoulders dropped and the bounce disappeared as he headed to the back of the house to enjoy his beloved football in the quiet of the bedroom. Poor guy to have no one on his side once again.