Fromage Snob

Ok, I confess….I am a cheese snob. As I snack while I type from a wedge of Brie and a few of Carr’s crackers; it occurs to me that I am a complete and utter cheese snob. I know real cheese is never orange, in fact I love cheddar, but did you know that they dye it that orange color…just for Americans? Everyone else in the world eats white undyed cheddar.

I don’t have anything personally against such things as Kraft American Cheese Slices, bricks of Velveeta, or Cheese Wiz, but I don’t understand the justification to call it cheese. If it is overprocessed and preserved like crazy, and only comes in bright orange…can we come up with something else to name it?

I think the world should embrace cheese in all it’s glory and fantastic flavors, from buttery Swiss, to Camembert, and my personal favorite the difficult to find Deux de Montagne. My sweet sister likes to surprise me with the last one when I come visit her in Austin, because she can easily find it at Whole Foods or Central Market.

As my 10 yr old steals my last Brie covered cracker, I realize I am also raising cheese snobs…. I promise to teach them tolerance of all you Cheese Wiz eaters.