GameStop saves my Black Friday shopping

I love Black Friday with every fiber of my being. To me it is an example of first of all what retail is really worth (to some degree) and human interaction. Standing in line at Kohl’s at four in the morning, you begin to make friends with those around you, find out deals on items you weren’t even considering, and learn all kinds of shopping strategies.

The main big ticket item we were hunting for was the Wii. Regan had saved up her money to buy the game system. I was determined to find it at a better price the $199 which is what it was advertised for at Sears and Wal-Mart. Also high on the shopping list was purchasing a Dyson vaccuum for my parents (their funds mind you, not my own). New to my shopping experience this year was having Rebecca join me.

For some reason she was convinced that I was going to the biggest party of the holiday season every year after Thanksgiving. She has begged the entire year to be allowed to go with me. She didn’t mind waking up at 3:00 am and wanted to experience all that Black Friday is about. We had our lists, our strategies, and snacks ready to go and we were off to find the bargains. In the midst of all the office furniture in Target we found the Dyson deal, and grabbed it quickly.

The best Wii deal was at HEB Plus which was advertising at $149…but limited supply. The next best deal was GameStop which had a deal with trade in of an old system. No problem there, we were more than willing to sacrifice the old Playstation II for the upgrade.

GameStop was a dream when we arrived there, The employees were wonderful to work with even on the most harrowing day of the year. They answered every question I had and found me an even better deal than I was going for. Apparently they carry factory refurbished systems as well as the new ones. It had already been cleaned, checked, and played in great working condition, and with the trade-in of my system and the purchase of three games we ended up paying a total of $160. forty less than all the competitors.

The girls are thrilled and have really enjoyed their games. I love all the great physical therapy and occupation therapy Regan is getting with how intricate all the sports and activities that come with the Wii are. I ended a wonderful day of shopping with the best Black Friday ever.