Get the heck out of my Hula Hoop

As much as I loved watching Seinfeld for years, there were just not a lot of their quirky characters that I could personally relate too. That is until I have finally found my own personal “close talker”

I really have very few pet peeves in life but my personal space is one of them. I love when children come up and hug and cuddle, I love it when my own girls climb onto my lap or hold my hand, and I have even been known to allow John Mark in close proximity (well we do have two kids anyway). Acquaintances and friends on the other hand should always be outside my “hula hoop”.

For several years now I have tolerated a sweet woman who just seizes every opportunity to invade my personal space. She chatters away about her family and life in general, but always within a foot of personage. It’s as if she can’t communicate unless she is right next to you.

If you back up–she closes in. There is no avoiding it without being out right rude

It is probably the one thing that just drives me crazy about an otherwise very nice woman. She has a good heart and a pleasant personality…but why can’t she show it from about 2-4 feet away? I really don’t need to see the individual pores on your nose to be your friend.

Yesterday, yet again she stopped to chat with me, and I was stopped by a wall. Instead of hearing a thing she was saying I spent the whole time looking for a way to escape, and pretty much missed the whole conversation. I found myself vaguely smiling and nodding my head to heaven knows what.

Any suggestions? Do you know a Seinfeldian character that you can relate to?