Google Searches That Lead to me

I have thoroughly enjoyed compiling these and get such a chuckle on how people came to find my blog.
1. How to Make a Housewife Costume- I typically just go to my closet, but maybe that not the kind of costume they are looking for?
2. Wedgie Pickers….and even Housewife Wedgie Pickers- I wonder if there are sites that cater to this little fetish…..ummmmm sorry mine is not one of them. On the bonus side Rebecca is completely mortified that I wrote this post about her and that it comes up in google searches.
3.Possum Riddles- I think they are cute little critters, but really not that funny, are there lots of possum jokes out there that I don’t know of?
4. Dark Chocolate Cerebral Palsy- wow….I had no idea that medical conditions now came in flavors. I would like to order Regan’s disability in Raspberry or Margarita flavor.
5. Yo Gabba Gabba Phallic symbols-Um yes that one guy is definitely a little phallic shaped but not really going to google that in reference to children’s programming….Big brother is watching people!
6.Giveaway Skin- I will gladly give away some of my excess skin in addition to the fat cells that lie beneath them…are you willing to fund that? Cuz we need to talk!
7.Big Mouth Cougars- I didn’t understand why this was a search (sorry my mind doesn’t automatically think that way) until I saw the titles of the other sites that came up with mine…..Get your minds out of the gutters people! There are quite a few lonely men(women?) who are really disappointed when my blog comes up in google porn searches for housewife and mouth….since those are both in my title.
8. How does weather affect a housewife- well when it is hot I stay indoors for the AC…when it is cold I stay indoors for the heat….when it is rainy I stay indoors to stay dry….any questions?
9. Pokerhontas There are either a lot of really dumb history researchers that can’t spell or my fame at Texas hold em is spreading.
10. and my favorite search that led to me example of my favorite place…(blushing) why thank you this is one of my favorite places too, glad you found me.