Great find for Car Repair

I drive a Honda in a town that is dedicated to Ford and Chevrolet. Even when I blew a tire last year it was a big deal because the repair shop had to special order my tires. Funny enough though they went ahead and ordered extra just for me to have on hand, so I guess that is a small-town benefit too. I wish I would have known then about This great site is dedicated to finding places that can take care of your car no matter the make or model and give you an estimate online.

They have an entire repair shop directory that even listed eight locations in my town to take my car. I was amazed when my zip code came up as valid and listed all the repair shops in my town. I thought that maybe this was one of those sites which says they list all over the nation but are really just for metropolitan places like San Fransisco, for example. I didn’t even know you could price comparison the repair shops in my town, too cool.

So even though I do not drive a Ford Taurus or a huge pickup truck, I can still be taken care of in my little ole soccer mom min-van. This is an excellent find that just makes my frugal day.