Halloween Costume Parade

Halloween started yesterday for us with the annual costume parade at the girl’s school. Regan went as a disability camp counselor which of course only needed me to buy a whistle. Rebecca and her best friend Kayla went as cats, and those eyelashes were incredible!. One of my favorite characters of the day was the girl’s principal. He went as a pirate and kept in character the whole time, which just cracked us up. He was in accent the whole morning and took the time to talk to each kid about their costumes and welcomed them to be a part of his crew.

Some of my favorite costumes from the kids are those who are creative enough to use what they find around them at home. One fifth grader went as a tourist complete with her Samsonite luggage and a camera around her neck. The best though was my good friend Tammy whose son came in a box that was speckled on the top half and painted white on the bottom.

What was he?

A crouton dipped in ranch dressing! Isn’t that he best?

Have a great Halloween and if you are in San Antonio, come find us at the Boo at the Zoo event.