Heading to the Mecca

We are heading as a family to the mecca of all things shopping the San Marcos Outlet mall. This place is so huge that it is actually the third most visited site in the state of Texas….crazy, huh? Well along with this being Tax-Free weekend, there are just a number of things that I want to get for the girls before school starts, specifically for Regan.

She is getting more and more difficult to shop for because she really wants to be a fashionable teen, but is limited by what she can help self dress and pull up and down herself (due to her cerebral palsy). We have been successful for years at The Childrens Place with their wonderful skorts that work perfectly with our requirements….but as she heading into junior sizes (and wants to look like other kids her age) the only thing with elastic waistlines are leggings. It is not that I have anything against leggings, but they do have to be paired with something else making it bulky and difficult.

What better place to search for the perfect wardrobe answers than the largest shopping mall in the state. If I can’t find it here it probably doesn’t exist. Wish me luck as we wade through several hundred stores over two days, and pray for the survival of my husband as he deals with three shopping girls, crowds, and the heat. I’m pretty sure he doesn’t know what he is in for.

If you have any suggestions while we shop I will have my phone on me and will be checking comments so please let me know.