Hippie Rehab Review

This review has actually been a long time coming, but for a very good reason. I wanted to be sure to test the product to the fullest,and check all the claims personally to give you my real opinion, and not a review just based upon a website and hearsay. That being said let me introduce you to Hippie Rehab a kit containing body detox capsules and cellulite cream.
Th creator of Hippie Rehab, Stacy Sparks is just like most of us who have tried diets, exercise, and tried maintaining a healthy lifestyle to no avail. She (just like me) had those wonderful cottage cheese areas that I affectionately call mom skin, but medically the term is cellulite. Here is what Stacy has to say from her site:

The theory behind Hippie Rehabs Lypo-Pallooza Cellulite Treatment is that the body detox (OPENING ACT) will remove harmful toxins from the body, especially the one trapped in the hips, thighs and buttocks. While relieving the fat pockets of toxins and excess fluid from the inside, the all natural cellulite cream (HEADLINER) will go to work on the outside: toning, tightening, and combating the unwanted cellulite.

Not only is Opening Act the only one of its kind on the market, it is full of natural herbs and extracts that have numerous health benefits. The cellulite fighting ingredients in my capsules are the most effective herbs and extracts known to man, but not made by man. They are Mother Nature’s secret to a smooth, sexy and cellulite free body.

As for Headliner Cellulite Cream, only the most powerful, all natural and organic cellulite fighters are present in my treatment.

So for my personal experience. I decided to hold off on this treatment until my girls were both off at summer camp and I had time to see it’s effects. the capsules are a little big, but not a big deal and I take two every day. I am a big water drinker anyway, so I have definitely flushed a lot of toxins out of my system. The cream I have been using in the evenings after my shower and targeting my thighs, rear, and in general upper leg regions. After a solid month using this treatment I have to say I really do notice a difference, and honestly I am surprised.

But let me also say, that I have been eating better all summer, and walking in the evenings. Added to that i have swam quite a bit too. There are all kinds of external reasons that my body is in really great condition for the first time in a long time, but i do think that added to all that Hippie Rehab has helped make that difference. I don’t want to come off saying that these results would be the same for everyone, but coupled with the fact that I have taken the time this Summer to work on it, and pay attention the cellulite has started to disappear a bit, and my husband says I look hot….who could ask for anything better?