Holiday Cards

Well I am trying to stay ahead of my holiday schedule this year. Sending out my Holiday Christmas cards is something that is very hit or miss with me from season to season. Sometimes I remember to be completely Martha Stewart and pose the family for a supercute look, but most years it gets lost in translation and the only holiday cards my friends and family receive come from my husband’s office signed by him and his secretary. This year I vow to be on top of things and fortunately for me one of my favorite sites is coming to the rescue with a great holiday card deal.

VistaPrint has a great selection of holiday cards with a charming selection sure to please. I like the caricature photos, because then I won’t have to worry about sucking in my gut for the family photo. Although, I do know plenty of people who would at least like to see my girls, so I think the photo cards are also a great option. When I check out, no matter what I select, I can use coupon code XmasFree to get 10 Free Holiday Cards added on to my order. My Christmas planning just got a little easier. Now if I can just figure out how to bribe my girls to wear reindeer antlers…..