How I Warped my Children

Today I have taught the girls how to carjack a car, beat up old ladies for their money, and the best strategy to use in a gang war. They have also learned to run from cops at all costs. What have I done to my innocent darlings?

The ultimate in bad mom judgement calls….I let them play Grand Theft Auto at my brother’s house in San Antonio.

I know…..not my finest moment…but the game completely cracks me up. I think I have a secret dark side that wonders what you would have to do as a criminal on the lam. What if Druglords sent me out on missions or I had to cater to mobsters. I should learn street survival skills right? It is just showing my girls a valuable life lesson on how not to live, right? Okay I have justified it enough that they are laughing like crazy and having a wonderful time strategizing together, and have both assured me they would never act like this in real life. I think I will just enjoy my bad mom moment.