How Starbucks ruined my Thanksgiving

Well I had been officially without a car for five weeks. I am not going to lie. It has been hell….no kidding. I loooooove my little Honda Odyssey mini van. Regan could maneuver in the seats easily. Her walker and wheelchair and any extra paraphenalia fit nicely in the back. I could haul eight people around at a moments notice. In short I love my car.

Well due to the small fender bender that I had mentioned before. The insurance company did not opt to toal my car….but to fix it which in small town translation means the local body shop has to order Honda parts from BFE and fix it all up.

What they don’t tell you is that anything left in your car will not be touched by a mechanic NO MATTER WHAT!!!!!! I guess that is not part of the repair shop employee screening process.

So say your darling child left hot chocolate from Starbucks in the back cup holder and it has been an extended period of time in an enclosed space with no thoughtful repair shop man to dispose of it for you. When you get your car back….It is going to smell! I mean stink so bad that you once again you thank God that you live in south Texas and can roll your windows down to drive and won’t be freezing.

So the day before Thanksgiving when I was celebrating the return of my precious little mini van….I spent the whole evening febreezing, lysol, renuzit….etc.

Then the next day we took Rebecca’s friend back to her family ranch in a neighboring town and on my way back… van died.

On the side of a road in a still smelly van on Thanksgiving morning and a house full of people heading my way.

Starbucks is not to blame I know….but gosh it made for a really difficult day.