I am a Texas Cheer Mom

It really does sound worse than it actually is, I promise! For many years I have been coaching in the evening at my girls gym. It is a power tumbling, and all star cheer gym. For the first five years I managed to keep Rebecca away from the cheerleading program, and focused on my favorites…competitive trampoline, double mini trampoline, and power tumbling. I had visions of my daughter one day competing for the US Olympic trampoline team. Rebecca on the other hand just wanted to be a cheerleader.

She is so passionate about her sport! She loves every part of it from dance, to tumbling, to stunting. She would like to one day cheer for the University of Texas, just like some of the older girls who used to attend our gym. She is so motivated to work hard, and keep straight “A’s” in school just so we don’t take away her one great joy. I tell you though, It is a good thing I work at the gym, because this is one really expensive sport! I am really fortunate that my job there pays all my girl’s bills incurred there. I haven’t had to pay for uniforms, competition fees, or coaching, ever! Which is one way that we can ensure the sport she holds so dear she can keep doing.

So yes, I am a cheer mom…bring on the critics!