I am not Newsworthy

After getting irritated with my response from The AT&T center yesterday I decided maybe I should alert the media. Why, you might ask….over a parking space….and nobody got hurt and no real damage was done.

It seems to me that when people are wrong it should be addressed. If you are breaking the law, and deliberately inconveniencing a group of people for your own gain, then something should be done. Is there an ADA fining system for those kind of infractions? Who knows…because I got a real headache trying to figure out their sites, contact information, and then listening to computer voices asking me to press numbers that really don’t address my situation at all.

My next course was to let KENS 5 news in San Antonio know, and although the very nice lady who took down my story agreed that it was unjust…. she didn’t really think it that newsworthy….because she said they would possibly call back, but for all I know it went straight into the trashcan with a roll of the eyes.

I understand this is a small deal not important to anyone but me, but I saw the other lady in a wheelchair at the competition. I saw the elderly couple walking slowly with a cane. I saw another friend of mine limping due to a foot injury, and all of them had to walk that same half mile to the competition and struggle getting there just so there was no inconvenience placed on Spurs fans later that evening and those are only the ones I know of. I am sure I am the only loudmouth to actually complain…but my complaints have fallen on deaf ears, and I am done. I have waaaaay to much else on my plate this week to fight this injustice