I have a thing for tall dark and handsome

I am a quiz fanatic, I just can’t resist multiple choice questions that further defines who I am as a person. So when I saw the quiz asking me “what kind of superhero are you?” Well I was definitely on board to find that one out. I actually thought about it before I took the quiz, because I like to psychoanalyze myself before I undertake this kind of questioning.

I think being able to fly would be awesome. I definitely don’t want to have super vision…there are just some people’s clothes that I prefer not to see through. It would be cool to have super strength, but I wouldn’t want to be completely bulked up because of it ( too muscular woman just aren’t that appealing).I always thought it would be more fun to be a wizard ( oops, my Harry Potter obsession is showing), but that really isn’t superhero. So I envisioned myself a little like a flying wonder woman. Ok here is the reality:

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I was really pleasantly surprised. Hey, I don’t mind being a super wealthy loner on a mission to help those less fortunate. I am appealing to the opposite sex, and I kick some major bootie. Well it couldn’t happen to a nicer person if I do say so myself. So you want to know which superhero you are? Superhero Quiz is the site and I can’t wait to find out who you turned out to be. So leave me a post and let me know.