I wish the Screen was Scratch and Sniff

Earlier today my house was filled with the smell of grilled burgers. Then the girls made cupcakes and we had a sinfully sweet odor drifting through the house. Now everyone is settling down and I am ready for a non food calming scent to waft through the air.

So with the kitchen cleaned up and the kids out of the way, I switched on my new Febreze Home Collections Green Tea Citrus scent. I love clean scents. It isn’t that I don’t appreciate the smells of food, but after I have eaten, I really don’t like the smell to linger. I would prefer to relax to a clean citrusy scent that I can place on my kitchen counter and forget about.

It looks kind of like a candle in the picture. It gives off a warm glow and a subtle scent that slowly infuses the space and my mood. So I can quietly relax on the sofa, pop open my book and settle down myself. Thank you Febreze for sending me yet another item from your collection that helps further my addiction to your line (as if sniffing my carpets, drapes, and sofa weren’t bad enough).