If you Give Christine a Contractor

If you give Christine a contractor, chances are she will want a garage door repairman to go with it.

So you get the repairman to install a new door and fix the remotes, and all that electrical work will remind her that she needs an electrician.

The electrician comes out to replace two lights in the dining room, and the soft glow makes her reminisce about sunrises and sunsets so she decides she needs a painter.

Now the paint in the dining room glows from sunny yellow to deep gold depending on the position of the sunlight and she thinks the look will be complete with some crown molding.

With now a carpenter hired to finish the look completely it will remind her that crown molding would look excellent in two other rooms as well. so you agree to her whims and let the carpenter tackle additional rooms.

All this rearranging of rooms will make her realize she has way to much stuff cluttering the way and Christine will contact her friends to throw a huge garage sale, and completely pack up several tons of junk.

Having a garage sale means Yeah! Extra money….and wouldn’t it be nice if the fence were repaired and some yard work done as well.

So to appease her you hire a gardener to help make the adjustments to the yard. Seeing all the beautiful work done reminds Christine that she needs to share the changes with others as she takes pictures to text and post to friends and family.

Talking to friends and family makes her realize that she really misses them and wants them all to come over and see the new house and yard so she starts to clean extensively.

While cleaning it gives her time to see how many changes she would make to the house if she could start all over from the ground up so she decides to put it up for sale.

With the realtor called and the house on the market the family will need a new house to live in.

….and chances are if you need a new house to live in you will probably need a contractor to go with it