“I’m Bored” Advertising Game Activity

There are often a large number of kids at my house. Mainly because it is easier for me to entertain everyone here so that Regan does not feel left out of anything. Every now and then they reach the point where I have to get involved because everyone is “bored”. I thought I would share one of my favorite easy activities that the girls and their friends love to enjoy. We call it the “Advertising Game”.

1. I pull a product from around the house (tube, can, bottle, etc.) and cover the label with a piece of paper.
2. Make up a strange name (Jeral jelly, Blibblob, Acnexus, etc.)and write it on the paper.
3. Divide the group of kids into two teams and give each a few blank sheets of paper, and a magazine (as reference).
4. Set the timer to one hour: Each group uses this time to brainstorm what the product might be and do, make a print ad, and a commercial for made up product.
5. When the timer rings everyone does their ad presentations to the group.

**If they claim to be done early, that is not allowed, they need to use all their time for practice of the commercial or even coloring in their ad.

This is a great way to foster imaginations, work on team work, and graphic arts skills. This is a wonderful rainy day activity. I recommend it for ages eight and up.