IQ: I’ll Show you mine if you show me yours

Well I have been a little distracted by our family drama, but I did want to take some fun time and answer Interview Questions put out from my bloggy friend Texan Mama. You have to go read her hilarious and often insightful blog that I cannot seem to get enough of. She and another blogger I read obsessively (Dorsey) have me seething with jealousy because they both got to spend Saturday evening with a fun girl’s night out with Dallas area bloggers. Okay, who are you people besides me who blog in south Texas…..find me and let’s get together…..I feel so left out! Anyway on to the great questions.

1.What’s the best birthday present you’ve ever gotten?

Actually John Mark is usually wonderful and always gets me a fabulous birthday gift. He just loves to spoil me with just what I need at the moment. It can be Spa days, trips, new wardrobe, or jewelry……he just does the perfect thing.
2.What is your astrological sign?
I am a Gemini….which kind of explains my need to have attention ( by blogging and being adored) but on the flip side my absolute desire for privacy and anonymity…..which is why I won’t post pictures of myself or join places like facebook or
3.If you won a prize of $10,000 and you didn’t have to pay taxes on it, what would you do with the money?
I would have a pool built for Regan and I, swimming is both of our favorite joys in life, and Regan’s favorite way of doing therapy. I hope in our future home that we can find a way to budget one being built.
4.Can you name the current heads of state of at least 5 world countries? (President, Prime Minister, etc.) NO CHEATING GETTING THE ANSWER FROM SOMEWHERE ELSE.
Barack Obama, Queen Elizabeth ( actually she is the leader of at least five countries England, Australia, Bahamas, Jamaica, and New Zealand….so I am okay technically)
5.Where did you lose your virginity? (only be as specific as you want to be)
Ummmmm, my girls sometimes read this blog as do several family members so I will politely decline the question.
6.Why did you start blogging?
I actually started three years ago when I wanted to write product reviews, but I lost track of it pretty quickly. When I came back to it last summer I just found myself writing every random occurring thought, I find it very therapeutic.
7.Who was the first singing group/artist whose cassette/CD/8-track YOU bought (with your own money)?
I thing it was Yaz, “Upstairs at Eric’s”. I loved that tape so much, and still know every song on there.
8.How do you wake up in the morning?
I wake up ready to go with my day. I pop up bouncing and singing in to my girls room (which annoys them greatly)….it is really funny because my Dad used to wake my sister and I up every day by singing to us, and I do that a lot with my girls too.
9.When was the last time you wrote someone a letter?
It was probably when my grandma went on her “Walk to Emmaus”. I am not a letter writer and never have been, it just is not my thing. Although I own letters from family and friends that I cherish very deeply.
10.Name 3 things you’d like to do before you die, that you haven’t already done.
I would love to go on the Amazing Race….or actually have my own around the world adventure…not sure I would really want to put myself on television, but I love to travel and see other cultures and it is my favorite show ever.
I would love to bungee jump from a bridge over a river or possibly skydive.
I would really enjoy sailing for several months around the Caribbean on my own boat and living it up “Buffet” style with cares or worries