Is it worth $5 to me


So today when I had calmed down a bit from my angry terror I was on yesterday. I thought I would call The AT&T Center to let them know what had happened with the parking, so at the very least they could apologize and make sure that it happens to nobody else.

The gentleman whom I spoke to on the phone was very apologetic and seemed very sincere. Then he asks me if my family and I would be traveling to San Antonio again anytime soon. He would be willing to comp me my parking the next time and make sure I got in the handicapped parking lot.

Thanks for the apology….but really don’t bother with the generous offer of $5….I think I’ll survive. It is more the point that it should never have happened in the first place, and just because you broke the law, does not mean you can comp a parking ticket and make it go away!

No I was not looking for free tickets…or any big promotions we don’t go that direction that often. It just made the apology seem so cheap and trivial that it could be made to disappear with a free parking pass offer, are you kidding me?