Journal Buddies Review

As the mother of a 5th grade girl… is drama! Rebecca is just at that age where every girl feels like it is a competition to be the top dog and put down all other girls. Recently I had a conversation with her school principal because she had come home in tears because another little girl was ugly to her. He informed me that I was the third mother from her class he had talked to in the last month, and there are only eight girls in her class. It is just that age and how their starting to develop their brain and enter into puberty. This is the most important time to keep promoting their self esteem and worth.

Thanks to Jill Schoenberg and her incredible book Journal Buddies it has made our life a lot easier. This is a really great approach to a journaling this difficult age. The concept is that each time you journal do it with a friend or loved one. The first task in each section is to write three things about each other that you like. For example: The other day when I was Rebecca’s Journal Buddy I wrote her three things that I like about her were that she was outgoing, smart, and fun-loving.

The next part in each Journal Buddies section gives a concept word you can work with such as confidence, best, beauty, and joy. You can write something about the concept or draw a picture that represents it. You can also use craft supplies to illustrate it like scrapbooking.

Then there is a part where you can actually journal for you and your friend a memory, experience, hope or dream to motivate you in down times. Rebecca has journaled with two of her friends and her sister and I. Last night she was going back and reading one of the entries just to boost her spirits…here is the pic I caught.

Want your own empowering journal for your tween/teen? There is a boy version as well as a girl version that is specifically designed for each perspective. You can purchase one through If your child is going through the drama that my little mama is….you don’t want to miss out on this one. A special thank you goes to the Family Review Network for this wonderful opportunity.