Just Call me the Lifesaver

Several of my friends have children in college, and are making the mad scramble to find apartments before school starts again. For example my friend Marcy’s daughter Kelsey is headed to her 2nd year in College Station at the Texas A&M University. She and her two future roommates have been scouring for a decant apartment that has all the amenities they need, plus accepts pets (one roommate has a dog), and that fits in their college budget. Well once again am fiddling on my IPhone and come across an apartment finder app called iphone apartment app.

It is really perfect for this type of situation. You put the town you are looking for an apartment in, and then filter your search to meet your needs. If you need it furnished, pet friendly, with an exercise center and a few other filters then this is perfect for apartment hunting on the go. Several places came up with the specifics Marcy gave me, and I gave her a call and gave her the numbers and addresses. They listed possible rent prices and types of floor plans all on my phone along with pictures and descriptions of the apartment complex. it even has houses available to rent from the site. This could really come in handy when we are looking for a vacation rental in the future. Anyway Marcy declared me a lifesaver, and downloaded the app to her IPhone as well, and was off to find Kelsey an apartment that would work.