Just Hangin’ Out…Bein’ Random

The girl’s and I are in Austin today to visit with my sister and my gorgeous nieces. The goal of today is to get our tutu’s, belt buckles, and hair bows all finished and ready to sell next weekend so that we can have some spending money. Anyone out there interested? They are all super-cute….and very girlie!

Regan was excited to finally get to meet her cousin Claire because she has anticipated this day for so long, and we had been so busy just trying to get through Rebecca’s cheer season that it just hadn’t happened yet. Well we got here for the pivotal moment, and Claire was first fussy….then asleep. So, we are still awaiting our baby time.

It is a gorgeous day outside, and I hope to take the girls out later for some fun at the park…and out to eat. Maybe I can even get some geocaching in. All this Spring Break makes me look forward to Summer when we can just get together at the drop of a hat because none of the girls will have school. How are you spending your Spring Break?