Kim & Scott’s Pretzels: Review

I seriously can’t wait to share these pretzels with all of you because they are the “BOMB-diggety” (as my 11yr old put it). The girls and I could not wait to try the Kim & Scott’s Pretzels Original sampler pack (available at their website) that arrived at our house a few weeks back. In fact we had to very specifically sort out the savory and sweet pretzels to coordinate with each other, and then divide each one into three parts so we could all taste them. this meant putting it off for a full week since Regan was at camp during this time and insisted we could not continue without her professional pretzel opinion. The pretzels that were in our pack included one of each of the following pretzels and our thoughts.

Apple Cinnamon Pretzels: Really tasty like apple pie
Original Cheesecake Pretzel: This was my personal favorite dessert pretzel
Mixed Berry Cobbler Pretzel: Good, but didn’t get the cobbler reference
Chocolate Crumb Pretzel: This was Rebecca’s favorite sweet one
Cinnamon Roll Pretzel: We actually set this one aside for breakfast
Pizza Pretzel Pretzel: This was the girl’s favorite and the one they want for their lunchbox
Cheese Lover’s Pretzel: Kind of like fried cheese without all the “fry” part
Spinach Feta Pretzel: My favorite of the savory, the feta and spinach were a great combo
Grilled Cheese Pretzel: The girls would also like this in their school lunchboxes
Cream Cheese Pretzel: The least favorite at our house for some reason

Well now that we have become devoted fans ourselves of Kim & Scott’s Pretzels I am thrilled that I can get these for the girl’s lunchboxes and feel confident that they are eating all natural quality ingredients. You can put a pretzel in the lunchbox in the morning and it will have thawed by the time it is ready to eat at school. Not only can you purchase them online at the website, but they are now available in many markets too. We can even buy them at our local HEB and we are a small town with only one grocery store! Want to see if they are near you?