Mean Girls

I had seen the movie mean girls a year ago, and remembered girls who had been like that in high school, and now I am seeing mean girls around my ten yr. old

Rebecca has one friend who loves to put down others depending on the labels that they are wearing on their clothing. She has another friend who wants to put down any athletic skill you have to show she is better. Another little girl has a mother who will take certain “worthy” friends to concerts like Cheetah Girls and Jonas Bros. Which then has the group all competing for the invitation. I am completely fed up! Now by no means is my child perfect, but I am trying very hard to raise her to be nice and respectable. To raise her to understand that material things are not the end all,and you will be remembered more for how you treated people, than what you wear. But these girls are making it very difficult.

The easy solution would be to have her make new friends, but she has only 14 kids in her grade at school (they go to a very small public school), and honestly she really has not that much more to choose from. Since when did being nice become such a hassle?

I miss the days of elementary when everyone played nicely and were friends, but now I just feel this is our new challenge to face, and still try to come out of it with our heads held high.