Medicures and Panicures

My darling husband is feeling a bit of guilt overload. He did go with us to Disney on Ice, but he is skipping town this weekend for a “boys weekend” hunting in South Texas. This would normally not be a big deal at all, but this Friday is Regan’s birthday so he asked for permission to be excused from the festivities.

I should clarify that into saying he will not be attending “New Moon” this Friday with me and several squealing girls and two other mothers. He is quite broken-up about it. To help make amends he treated the three of us on Saturday to our choice of a manicure or pedicure at a local nail salon.

Regan has gotten a manicure before when she was on vacation with us and Rebecca was off at camp. She decided again that a manicure was best because no one ever sees a pedicure with her leg braces on. She chose a pretty peach color for her nails which suited her coloring perfectly.

Rebecca was uber excited to sit in the “spa” chair and have her feet massaged. She was even more thrilled when I let her get a flower painted on each big toenail. Later that evening we went to a wedding and she spent a lot of time making sure her feet got noticed. Aren’t they cute?

And yes I realize the title is backwards. It is because the girls keep getting the words all mixed up wich just cracks me up!