My Morning Mantra

Well, My clothes can tell that I have been eating to my heart’s content through Thanksgiving, and have not gotten back on track. This morning I tried on two different pairs of pants to work comfortably in….and they were….not comfortable at all!

So I put on my gym clothes (which I never wear on non-gym days) and resorted to doing laundry. I also made up a ditty in my head that I thought everyone could sing-along with me.

The tune is Camptown Ladies:

Christmas is here…I need new pants DooDah DooDah
Or some diet supplements Oh da doo dah day.
Need some brand new pants!
Diet Supplements!
Then once again I’ll be a “10” Oh da doo dah day

Isn’t that a catchy tune? And of course the “10” refers to where I fall on the gorgeous scale, lol.

Sing it Loud Sing it Proud!