My Sweetheart Heading Home

John Mark is heading home today from St. Louis, and here is my list of things put off all week until today.
1. Christmas is down from the attic officially, but not put out so I need to finish the lights so the girls an do ornaments on the tree when they come home from school.
2. The mountain of laundry is in the process of diminishing….almost.
3. The girls have slept in my room all week, and Regan actually wanted to sleep in our one-man tent which has been on my floor all week long and needs to be dismantled and put up.
4. I need to install home theater seating in my kitchen so we can all enjoy the increasing dishes on the counter…..or maybe I should just wash dishes….nah!
5. I need to mail off a book for PaperBack Swap ( great site by the way if you are a big reader like me.
6. I need to finish wrapping my girls presents while they are at school to diminish their chances of finding them and seeing them first (well Rebecca’s are already done, cuz she is the worst).
7. I want to get all dolled up to greet my darling husband at the door when he comes home from stressful travel.

Sounds like I should get to work……but first I want to go check if something is wrong with my sitemeter…where are all you people today?