Of South Park and Corn

About a week ago Rebecca came home and asked about the television show “South Park”. A friend of hers was saying that it was his favorite show and how funny it was. He was shocked that she had never watched it. I’m pretty sure that up until this point she didn’t even know the show existed. It is not a family show that we watch at all in our home. I know I watched a few episodes when it came out years ago, but really it had been eons since I even paid any attention to it.

When she asked me about the show and if she would be allowed to watch it, I responded with “let me watch an episode first and I will let you know if I think it is appropriate.”


Either I am really old, or this show is just disturbing and I didn’t realize it when I watched it years ago. There were basically naked men having sex….on a cartoon, and lots of very degrading remarks. Nothing I would ever let my child watch….and certainly nothing I thought was the slightest bit funny.

I explained the next day that it was not going to be a show she would be able to watch. I told her there were naked people in cartoon form and that I considered it to be porn (a word I should have probably explained better).

Rebecca went of to school and came home later that day saying all of her friends looked confused when she said she was not allowed to watch South Park because it had way to much corn in it.

Yup, corn.
I wish that was South Park’s only problem.