One if by Land

I constantly dream about my next house. It is a complete sickness with me. I actually love my home (just not really the school district….and the town is just a teensy bit on the ugly side). I dream of the day that Regan can have her own large room and bathroom with a walk in shower built just for her needs. I want a gorgeous bedroom with built-ins from floor to ceiling to house all my wonderful books. John Mark wants an outdoor kitchen to host parties year round outside (maybe even poolside?????). The whole point is it is such a dream. We can’t even find land in the school district we want, and housplans like Schumacher Homes seem unrealistic in this economy. Time is running out and Regan will graduate 8th grade next year which is kind of our deadline to get out of this district.

Okay real estate market work with me here!!!!!!!