One..Two…Tie my Shoe!

One of the side effects of Cerebral Palsy is limited fine motor skills. This has been apparent with us for years with the endless tying of the shoelaces. I have been tying Regan’s tennis shoes for 13 years now….and we are seeing the light at the end of the tunnel (thanks heavens).

I am really excited to announce that Regan can now officially tie her own shoes….well to be honest, not while wearing them yet. But, she can tie them while they sit on her lap thanks to a break through new product called Tie Buddies.

The set we got for Regan was the girl version pictured below. The boys tie buddies have race cars on them. The great thing about the characters, is that you can use them to tell a story that help make your shoe tying easier. In just a few easy steps, and eliminating the need for complicated loops, and your child will be tying their own shoes in no time. What had taken us nearly 13 years to master was learned quickly within a week…….I am amazed!

Want to Win these for your pre-schooler/kindergartner…..or challenged older child? Then comment away, and solve those shoe tying disasters in no time.

This giveaway is open to United States residents only, and will close April 15th at Midnight CST. If you are posting anonymously then please leave your email address so that I can get a hold of you.

Mandatory entry: Visit Tie Buddies and tell me something you learned from the site…..and whether you want the girl or boy version.
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Thank you so much to Family Review Network for putting me together with this product, that really made such a difference for us.