The Awesome Bookworm Meme

I am thrilled to have been tagged with the Bookworm Meme cause I have been reading them on other people’s blogs,and kept hoping to get tagged…and thought maybe I could make-up a blog to tag me and get away with it (sad, I know). Never mind though, I am loved after all and got a tag by the fabulous Keri from It Flickers Dimly. I am thrilled to have discovered her blogs and get to read about her and her boys.

Now this meme involves opening the closest book to you, not your favorite or most intellectual book, but the closest book to you at the moment, turn to page 56. Write the fifth sentence, as well as two to five sentences following that. Then pass it on to five bloggers.

So at the moment (thank heavens) I still have Queen of the Road by Doreen Orion on my printer since I did a review on her book a few days ago. So here is another plug for that hysterical book….and these sentences confirm it.

Now to be honest instead of following it with a few sentences I had to preface it with a few sentences otherwise it wouldn’t make sense….or be as funny.

“As a result, Miles blithely follows Tim everywhere. Clearly my husband is a deity in the poodle universe. I guess I’d be that happy too, even first thing in the morning, if I knew I got to sniff god’s butt all day”

I am not even joking…that is how funny this book is!

Here are my five tags:

1. Till the Short Bus
2. Lisa’s Command Post
3. Ramblings of a Texas Housewife
4. Come Via Our House
5. Chatty Chica

Pledge Multi Surface Cleaner: Review and Giveaway

If you have read this site for any length of time you will know I am a reluctant and sporadic cleaner. Having a different product to clean every square inch of my home is something that drives me to distraction. I search out the cleaners that are multi surface as well as multi purpose, and believe me when I find one i will shout it to the rooftops.

So hold on to your hats people, and get ready to listen to my roar. I am in serious infatuation with the new Pledge Multi Surface Cleaner. Why you might ask…..because if I can stroll through my house with one can and a cloth and manage to pick up random dust from my dining room furniture, plus spray it on my entry way mirror, and then take it to my computer and spray the keyboard….then I am a happy camper!… The bonus of course is that it really did a fantastic job.
Want to try the new Pledge Multi Surface Cleaner for yourself? Well you can print a Pledge coupon for $1.00 off the new cleaner. Or win your own to try here, Pledge and the Family Review Network has generously donated one can of Pledge Multi Surface Cleaner to one of my readers! This giveaway is open to United States Residents Only and will run until June 8, 2009 midnight CST. Remember to leave an email address if you do not have one attached to your Google account, so that I can get in touch with you

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It’s Gettin’ Hot in Here…so Come and Check my Head

Okay, sorry for the Nelly title reference….I just couldn’t help myself. Anyway, to be serious, I can’t tell you how often over the years I have struggled with thermometers. When Regan was young she had febrile seizures. Anytime she would start to feel warm, I would start trying to monitor her temp with an ear thermometer that we had. I honestly would get so many different and difficult readings that it left me frustrated. It got so bad, that as soon as she felt the slightest bit warm we would plunge her in a cool bath just to avoid any possible seizures. Due to her cerebral palsy, we couldn’t get her to function with a regular or rectal thermometer. What would really bother me was that when her pediatrician would ask what her temperature had gotten to, we were at a loss as to what to say.

Now I am blessed to have had an Exergen Temporal Scanner to work with and evaluate, and I absolutely love that device! First of all it is non-invasive. It gets a correct temperature reading with just a quick scan of the forehead. It was so easy, that everyone in my house could use it with no problems, and it was accurate. Who could ask for more in a thermometer.

The Exergen Temporal Scanner is the fastest, most accurate way to measure body temperature. Even if there is perspiration on the forehead, you can place the probe on the back of the neck to get a reading.

To use, simply place the probe on the forehead, hold down the scan button and slide over to the hairline. Within 2-3 seconds it will beep letting you know the scan is over. Release the scan button and take the thermometer away from the head when it reaches the hairline. It even has an automatic shut off after 30 seconds.

It is the only Thermometer made in the US and is better for the environment since it uses infrared sensor technology and contains no mercury. The Exergen Temporal Scanner runs on one 9-volt battery and meets all regulatory requirements.

You can purchase the Exergen Temporal Scanner in many places including BabiesRUs…..or you can win one from this giveaway…Yippee!

This Giveaway is for one Exergen Temporal Scanner. Entries will be accepted until April 5th, 2009 midnight CST. If you are commenting anonymously please leave an email address so that I can contact you. This giveaway is open to United States Residents Only.

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Good Luck everyone and a special thank you to the Family Review Network for this wonderful opportunity.

Black Friday Rocked my Sox

My friends and I left the house at 3:00am to drive the 45 minutes to the nearest “city”. We had not slept at all due to other circumstances, but we were armed with our list, and the knowledge that Wal Mart was price matching everyone! No need to even shop at some of our regular stops….in fact this is this first year ever I did not even step foot into Target because, I price matched all their deals at Wal Mart while I was there. I did get my Cricut……and it is awesome! I did have people following me in the parking lot just for my cart (that was a first for me).

We ate Breakfast at Sam’s….then off to Kohls. We had a wonderful time there, and got the girls such cute clothes for Christmas! Then to the mall where i had actually already purchased my stuff at Best Buy at 2:30 am online…..and it was just waiting for me to pick up. No lines no fuss! We got all our typical mall deals, and then I was home by noon.

I want to apologize to my gal Dorsey…who I was hoping to meet up with for lunch…it is always cool to get to meet one of your favorite bloggers….but I was exhausted, and could only text her a feeble apology. I finally got to sleep for about an hour this afternoon, and am looking forward to my pillow right now. I do have some funny Black Friday anecdotes that I will share tomorrow.

Yes, that is the back of my Honda Odyssey this morning….but it really isn’t all mine. I did have a car full of some of my favorite frugal gal pals!

Intro to a Word of Mouth Housewife

In November of 2004 I became interested in venturing out on my first Black Friday Shopping event. For those not aware of this phenomena, it is the day after Thanksgiving where crazy people go stand in lines at Wal-Mart and Best Buy at 3:00 in the morning to get unbelievable deals. I had heard from friends that it was fun and the deals were amazing. Well honestly, Christmas was going to be tough to buy a lot that year so I thought this would be a great way to venture into the world of bargain shopping. I have always been interested in a great sale or deal. I have been known to hit garage sales on Saturday mornings and every once in a while I make it to the local auction house to attempt to furnish my home on a budget, but in researching black friday on the internet an entirely new world has opened up to me.

I googled black friday and came across a website forum called which intrigued me with all of the word of mouth experience of loyal Black Friday shoppers from all over the country. I devoured all the research and started to make an entire gameplan and shopping strategy.

Then another section of the forum also caught my eye…..FREEBIES!!!!!!!!! Wow what a fantastic world opened up to me when I looked at that forum category. I became obsessively hooked with all things coming to my house for free. For a mom on a budget the idea was perfect. I started searching all over the internet for more and more things that could be sent to my house free. I must have checked that website at least ten times a day to see if something new and *free* could be sent to my house. My mailbox became full of all kinds of samples from basics like shampoo to cleaning supplies, and odd things like earplugs (my husband still questions why those sit in my junk drawer) and colon cleansers. My Mail lady asked me where I was getting all of this stuff from, and I found I couldn’t wait to share the information with her, my family, my friends, the staff at both part time jobs that I have, and basically anyone who would listen.

Then a new door opened to me a few weeks later, and I became interested in Surveys. Wait you mean people will pay or send me products and are interested in my opinion? How cool is that! I ventured into a new forum that along with bargainshare I read obsessively. Yourdailyfreebiessite….or YDF. Which had an entire section dedicated to surveys. I joined every company that all the fellow forum member loved and touted. I learned which companies to avoid, and which most people try for years to join ( which I now belong to, but will not name in deference to the company in question). I also began to get checks in my mail box, and products to try. I love that I have a voice in what companies are making and doing. Sharing all of this new information with my family, friends, and coworkers has been wonderful.

I try new products now all the time and some I have absolutely loved, and some were not great at all. I think that since I share this information with companies (although sometimes I have already noted that other people must have felt differently because nothing changed) that it would be great to do my own word of mouth about what I have thought was worthwhile or worthless. Since I already tell an extensive network of people in my daily life, this would give my own personal good housekeeping seal of approval. While I welcome people who will disagree with me, I hope there are those who might try something new because of a recomendation that I make. These are things that an ordinary housewife and mother have found fit to write about and pass my own personal buzz to others.

Never trust me around snakes

I am actually going into retro storytelling with this one. My family lived in the country for several years as I was growing up. We literally lived on a small farm at the end of a grass road that took you to a gravel road, and eventually a paved road. It was completely kickin it country style. Needless to say we saw a lot of snakes. They were mostly copperheads, since we lived near the river a few water moccasins, and we could swear to possibly seeing a coral snake once or twice.

One day my sister Jen and I had gone to check the mail, and she was riding on the handlebars of my bike while I pedaled the quarter mile home from the mailbox (something I would not let my own girls do). About half way home a snake that was along the side of the road suddenly coiled up as if to strike. Well I immediately went into self preservation mode and pushed my sister off the bike to pedal home faster and get away from the snake. Yes, I could hear her crying and running behind me, but I just wanted to get away from that copperhead snake. We both made it home safely, but as I realized the error of my decision, it was too late. My mother who hated to resort to spanking, really had no choice to get that message across.

Of course the moral of this story seems like it would be never trust me in a stressful situation…..but that isn’t true. What I did learn that day is not to panic; it never solves the situation. Now, in the midst of any crisis, I am the calmest person there. I take stress in stride and deal with it head on with amazing calm and presence of mind. So although years later…I feel bad (just a little bit) that I actually pushed my sister into a striking snake. The lesson learned is to powerful to ignore…So thanks Jen…wanna go for a bike ride?

Band or Athletics: Deciding your Social Course

With all the chaos that surrounds going back to school, I had forgotten that this was the pivotal year to choose whether or not you do band or athletics. Which in small town life doesn’t necessarily determine your social circle for years to come, because thankfully the local communities around her are too small for that, but it does draw a line in the sand.

I was not a musically inclined person, in fact my piano teacher finally told my mother she had gotten about as far as she could with me. I chose the athletic route which I then found my niche in cross country and cheerleading. Those were just my things.

John Mark on the other hand did both band and athletics (although he tells me the percussion section is not really a band group). After football season was over he ditched band for baseball and golf which are his favorite sports.

Regan had no desire to be in marching band, but is very interested in music. She has been working with my dad for years on her guitar skills. This is a really special love that they share.

Rebecca came home from school yesterday, and declared to be all athletics. In fact I found out she did not even attend the band meeting. She wants to do all the sports school has to offer. She said only three kids in her class (there are only 13 total) decided to do band. I guess I know which side of the line she chooses.

Which side were you on, and did it make a difference?