Pirate’s Booty: A Snack Review

I had planned all these cute pictures of my girls enjoying snacking on their Pirate’s Booty. I had thought it would be fun to interview them about how much they liked them in their school lunch boxes, and as an after school snack at the gym. We received this cute little treasure box filled with several flavors of Pirate’s Booty to review from the Roberts Gourmet Snack company. Although this is already a product we know and love. Unfortunately it was not the way I planned it to go originally.

Confession Time:

The girls only got to have one bag of each flavor, because John Mark and I ate the rest. I kid you not!!! I guess I could have posted pictures of me with my cheeks stuffed full of Bermuda Onion Flavor. Maybe you would have enjoyed me timing John Mark on how fast he can scarf down a bag of the barbecued ones. If there were an Olympic contest on how fast can you down five snack size a bag of Pirate’s Booty then you would see some major gold at my house.

Yes we love the stuff, and I promise my girls do really enjoy them as lunchtime snacks and after school goodies. It is a treat we have been eating for a few years now. My sister usually always has a bag at her house for us to snack on too. The great thing about these is that it is a healthy alternative to chips. Pirate’s Booty are baked, all natural, and gluten free which is a huge plus to some of my friends who find it difficult to snack and don’t have a lot of choices.