Poking my Head Out

There is no other way to start this again besides just seeing what is out there and what I have missed during my blogging sabbatical. I know some of you will be completely shocked that I am entering the blogging world again after being gone for nearly two years, but life has come full circle again and I have found my peace. No worries, I will not be updating the last two years in this one re-introductory post, I will probably be backdating a lot of things that have happened during my time off, so if you occasionally want to check the archives you will find some updates there on my family, and in particular what is going on with Regan and her cerebral palsy journey.
Otherwise, the backlog of companies emailing me to please partner with them has never stopped while I was gone, so you will continue to see plenty of product reviews, giveaways, and in general information and my take on things. To anyone who is new to my site, feel free to read the articles in my archives to see what goes on in my corner of the world. I have missed my blog and I look forward to growing with it again.