Proud to be a MomDot Gal

I am always curious where my fellow mom bloggers “hang out” during their busy days. Do you have your group that you can turn to when you have blogging questions, when you need to vent, when you need some comment love on a post that is dear to you? Have you found a group of like minded people who accept you for you, flaws and all?

Many of the blogs I have on my sidebar are there for different reasons. Some of you are moms of other kids with CP, some are fellow Texas bloggers, and some of you are so funny and/or thought provoking that I can’t resist your every post. As much as I love my sidebar group, it is not my support group (well ok some are). My online blogging buds can all be found at MomDot. This is an incredibly supportive group of women and men (don’t let the “mom” deceive you). I know at any time day or night If I have a question or need a friend there is a whole group who are there for me.

If you are on the looking for a great support system on your blogging and personal journey, then come by stop and get to know us. I would love to see you there.