Review: Life On Record

I truly love going out of my way to get the people I love not just gifts, but experiences. I am just not that into “stuff” as I am into making memories and preserving them. Which is why when Family Review Network asked me if I would be interested in reviewing Life On Record I jumped at the opportunity.

Basically they have the same philosophy of giving a unique gift that I do. It should be something special that you have a verbal memory of what is happening around you to preserve the voices of your loved ones, to have an everlasting gift.
For example, looking for the perfect Mother’s day gift? Set up Life On Record with your greeting introducing all your callers to your purpose. Then when family, and friends call in they can leave a story that is poignant or funny. A great memory to share about that person or how they make you feel. Your recipient will have a permanent record of what an impact they have made here on earth. How much they mean to those around them. Who could ask for a better gift than that.

Once all of the messages have been recorded, you can choose to purchase the set of audio recordings on CD from LifeOnRecordĀ® or you can download them to your iTunes account to create the CD yourself.

Who wouldn’t want such a personal and memorable gift, who in your life could you do this for?