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The biggest problem I face while living away from home is the family, and friends who have done so much for me, but I cannot thank them at all. Often times, when I’m calling them, I feel as if just saying thank you isn’t enough and I want to do something for them or give them a token of love from my side.
You see, when living abroad, I can’t really know a reliable company which can give proper gift hampers or high-quality ones, and this was a problem. While I do know the ones where I live, finding one through the internet is challenging. However, a friend of mine who lives in Spain suggested my Micesta and I decided to go ahead with it.
I’ve already ordered one last year and I really loved it, it was just the perfect thing for a Spanish family. I send packages to all my family. But, my aunt living in Alicante deserved something special this year.

Last year, their catalog was very premium, great quality wines and brandy’s among other things like chocolates, spreads and more. They captured a Spanish Christmas well I would say. This year, while the latest catalog isn’t out yet, I’m definitely interested in going with this service again when I see what new they have this November, as I heard nothing but praises, and even a request here and there from my Aunt wishing for that same Christmas hamper again.

Anyways, my aunt video called me after receiving her hamper, and I saw just about everything. From what I could tell, the whole package was very high-quality and was full of good quality products. I sent the Baul Azahar package, which was very premium and had was quite large, containing things she generally loved like jams, coffee, and of course, wine.
There was also a beautiful envelope with a cute Christmas card which wished merry Christmas, which she showed me.
While searching for other gift hamper providers, I saw that their products were much inferior to Micesta’s and the price was actually quite higher. I wouldn’t want my loving Aunt to get low-quality stuff which was much more expensive as well.

The best thing about the service is that the person who picked up was very polite and didn’t mind me asking questions for about 5 minutes, he politely answered all of them, though I may have cut the call shortly after asking.

Calling back, the person behind the call responded politely until I was ready to order, simply jotted the address down and paid him online, and it reached just on time to give my Aunt a surprise; no delays, no problems whatsoever.

In conclusion, I want to point out that while this website was offering high-quality gift hampers at a relatively lower cost than many other companies I researched, the service was spot on, their customer representatives were courteous and were polite as well.

I would surely shop from them again, and show love to my family through tokens of Christmas love.