Riddle Me Tuesday

You know your children go to a country school when you drop them off, and everyone is gathered around a large tree discussing different ways to get an opossum out. The girl’s school has about 125 kids in PreK-8th grade and is really in the middle of nowhere. Critters at school are a way of life, but it still cracks me up to hear second graders shouting out bits of advice (and being listened to mind you) on how they have solved this problem at home. I left before the problem was fixed because someone suggested clubbing the thing….and my younger daughter was volunteering our house for it to live at. I can assure you, when I go back this afternoon to run the gifted and talented program….I will not be bringing an opossum home with me.

Riddle for the Day (Remember no one solved lasts weeks if anyone wants to give it a go): An elderly lady died and left all her money to her family. The will states that her precious diamond was hidden away. The clue says “it’s in a cylinder surrounded by a thousand squares.”

Where is the diamond?