Riddle Me Tuesday

The younger kids in the gifted and talented group began working this week on seasons. We began with a brainstorm on what comes to mind during each season. It was interesting to see the different levels of outside the box thinking with an open brainstorm. Some thought easily about weather and holidays. Some associated them with different sports Fall= football season. I immediately went to color associations and foods. Fall for me was browns, rusts, and cranberry colors. It is turkey and pumpkin pie.

Brainstorm with your children for five minutes and see what word associations they make on each season. Next week we will be expanding on our brainstorm ideas with stories and poetry that involve our word association brainstorms. What fun to see how creative children can be. By the way no one solved last weeks riddle, but my older GT kids did after one hint….often found in bathrooms.

Riddle for the week: How far can a bear run into the woods?