Riddle me Tuesday

It has been about two weeks since I have run riddle me Tuesday….sorry guys. I did get an email for a request back up, so I know it was missed by at least one person. Well today I went and volunteered with the school gifted and talented program, and let me tell you about a fun activity that is guaranteed to keep any kids from the ages of about 8 and up busy for at least an hour. I call it “The Advertising Game”.

I love any game that can keep kids out of your hair and cooperating with each other for a good hour with no television involved…and it is super easy too.

1. Get one cardboard box
2. Make up a name and write it on the side….today I wrote Aquanomics 3000 on the box.
3. Divide kids into teams or work as one group.
4. They now have an hour to decide what the product is in the box (using imagination) and then they must come up with a magazine ad and perform a commercial for their new product.
5. In one hour I will watch their performance and if they finish early they should just keep practicing and fine tuning it until the hour is up.

We often play this game at the house when the girls have friends over because it is a great way to foster creativity and cooperation amongst the kids. Sometimes I will just cover over a can label or something else out of the cabinet. I usually call the product something silly like whosowhatsis or thingamajig. Today we wanted the kids to come up with something that had to deal with water conservation so we added that extra rule for them.

Riddle for the day: Every day a man leaves his apartment on the 46th floor and rides the elevator down to the first floor to go to work. Every evening at about 6:00pm he gets in the elevator, takes it to the 38th floor, gets out and walks up the stairs for the remaining eight floors until he reaches the 46th floor, and his apartment. Why does he take the stairs instead of the elevator for the last eight floors?