Selfish Mom Moment

This afternoon I dropped of Rebecca to spend the night with a friend, and I am completely enjoying the quiet loveliness that happens when it is just Regan and I.

Then it started….

“Mom can I call a friend to have over?” (Ignore a while)
“Mom can I call someone since Rebecca is gone?” (give Regan some tasks and hope she forgets and vaguely search auto insurance quotes)
“Mom, now I can I have someone over?”

I don’t mean to be a bad mother or favor one child over the other, but honestly when Regan has a friend over I entertain them most of the evening because Regan ignores them to play computer or watch TV. She loves the idea of friends and being social but it gets lost in translation when it is not all about her. It is easier if Rebecca and she have friends over at the same time so Rebecca can entertain all the guests.

I also enjoy the nice quiet that is happening at the house and would selfishly like it to continue. I want to work a bit, and get some cleaning done. I want to breathe for a moment….in other words I want to be a selfish mom.

On the other hand I feel completly guilty because it isn’t an unreasonable request.

What would you do?