Shout out to a Great Friend

When I started this blog two years ago (then promptly ignored it), I was unprepared with how I could make money off of it. A really great friend introduced me to the world of paid posting. It is a great way to get my voice out into the world through blogging, plus make some extra income for my family. Since Black Friday is just around the corner, every little bit helps. Anyway, as a special thanks to her, I wanted to post her site that lists all kinds of great paying survey companies….and no there is no money changing hands. This is just my way of saying thank you.
Posted by Christine at 7:47 PM

Elizabeth Channel said…

Hey! Just tagged you for a “Random Meme!” Please don’t feel like you have to do it–just participate if you feel like it and have time! Cheers!
8:46 PM
piece of me said…

I am still trying to get the hang of Paid Posting. It’s not working out to well. But I have become quite addicted to blogging. Haha
I left you an award on my blog, come by and pick it up if you wish.