Sneaky Shaving

Well my Rebecca was not happy with my decision that she was not allowed to shave her legs. She swears to me at 10 years old that she is made fun of and that all the girls in her class already shave. First of all, yes she has leg hair….but it is blond! Second of all, I feel like when she grows underarm hair than we can shave arms and legs properly.

That sneaky thing thought she could shave her legs on her own and not be caught. The fact that she sliced her leg and took out a chunk of skin changed all that. As she came bawling to me from her bath with blood streaming down her legs she immediately alternated her sobs with “I am so sorry, Mommy.”

Honey, I am sorry too….sorry that you are in such a hurry to grow up. Not on my watch sweetheart! As the scabs heal I had hoped that she would be deterred for a while, but not my Becca. This morning she announces that since razors hurt so much maybe she should just Nair her legs. I looked at her with my one raised eyebrow (it usually stops her in her tracks). “Mom you said no shaving, you didn’t say no Nair”!

What a smartass!