Soon to be a Dot Com

I am making the transition from ordinary blog account to becoming my own official dot com. I am really excited about all of the incredible opportunities that I will be able to take advantage of when I am an official website. One of the really great things is the financial opportunities thay open up when you own your domain. These include paid to post, article posting, selling advertising space and reaching a broader market. My main go-to site for all the information I need about starting a domain is web hosting rating.

This site gives a number of options from hosting servers to places to buy domain names, and a lot of articles to help you get started. This afternoon I spent some time browsing and reading to make sure that I have all my ducks in a row to get started. One article that I found particularly helpful was Understanding the Domain Game. I learned the different domain classifications and how to make them searchable. Which would best suit the needs of my business plan and what direction I see my site heading. In the next few weeks you might see some really great changes on this site, and I hope you will bear with me through the transition.