Texan’s Pride, we are “All That”…..right?

A while back I was watching a reality TV show where a young man was doing his one on one interview with the camera and was talking about meeting these girls at a bar in Mexico. The gist of the conversation was he could barely tolerate them because they were obnoxious Texas girls, and never would he be caught dead with a Texas girl.

It of course got me to thinking….Why? Aren’t we Wonderful? Aren’t all Texans “Da Bomb”? It’s because we live in the greatest state. I was raised to think this and honestly always have. But, I realized that maybe this propaganda that had been drilled into my head was possibly annoying to other residents of other not so fabulous locations.

Now I am beyond curious. Doesn’t every state instill this kind of pride in it’s residents? I have seen the I “Heart” NY t-shirts. I have traveled extensively in the United States, and just assumed everyone else made a big deal over their place as well. But, beyond New York I couldn’t think of another state that I have seen the propaganda and products out their to support that passion.

Do other states spend an entire year devoted to their state history? Here in Texas 7th grade history is only about our state and how it came to be. Does Ford Motor Company target each state with commercials and slogans like we have “Ford, is the best in Texas”? Other companies often target our state pride in their commercials, and our flag is featured everywhere….almost more often than the United States Flag. When you take a tour of the state capiatl in Austin they are proud to tell you about us being our own country before we went to Statehood. That our Capital is actually taller that the one in Washington DC. That our state flag is the only one that can fly at the same level as a US flag, all other states must fly below.

See what I mean about the Propaganda. It is no wonder that when I listen to talk radio out of San Antonio in the mornings that it never fails to surprise me when they are unhappy with what is going on in Washington DC, you always have callers who reccomend succession (yes they really do).

Please satisfy my curiosity and let me know is our pride in the way, or is every state just like that?