The Amazing Race

With the new fall lineup coming out few shows have my interest as much as the Amazing Race does. Now I am admittedly a reality show junkie. I love Big Brother, Survivor, Project Runway, The Bachelor etc. Pretty much if it is a competition of some sort that gets you invested in the characters, I am interested. I always end up having favorites that I am rooting for.

My favorite of all time is the Amazing Race. It is probably because I personally love travel, different cultures, and how people react under stressful conditions. It is honestly the only show That I would ever consider doing, and that is saying a lot, because I have no desire to be on television. I just like the idea of that particular competition. My sister and I have given it serious consideration over the years to audition, and even went so far as to download the interview questions, but we went no further than that.

I know there is a similiar race on a much smaller scale taking place in individual cities across America, called “The Great Urban Race”. They are actually coming near me to Austin in October, but unfortunately the timing dowsn’t work out this year. One day in my future fantasy life I am going to make up my own darn race that takes me all over the world, with no danger of being eliminated….now if I can only find someone to go with me and finance it…..